11/2013 – Article 313/2013
Total area: 465.4 km² (Sector A: 43.7 km²)
Location: ZED Mariel is the first of its type in Cuba and enjoys a privileged geographic location, in the center of the Caribbean Sea, at the crossroads of the main maritime commercial traffic routes in the Western Hemisphere. It is an area of the national territory, located in the north of Artemisa province, 45 km west of Havana.

ZED Mariel provides a world-class production and logistics platform for the establishment of companies, whose productions and services can be traded in the domestic market or exported, and will benefit from the regulatory framework, incentives and friendly business environment. Financial Times FDI magazine awarded ZED Mariel as winner in the category of BEST ZONE TO CONSIDER IN THE FUTURE in the Best Global Zones of the year 2017 competition (GFZ17).

Contribute to national development. Generate exports and promote imports replacement. Promote the transfer of Know-how, as well as business managerial skills. Attract foreign investment, as well as the establishment of national enterprises. Generate new sources of employment and long term financing. Ensure environmental sustainability. Develop the necessary infrastructure to contribute to economic progress. Create a highly efficient Logistics system. Guarantee the articulation with the rest of the Cuban economy.


Sector A: Industry and logistics
Sector B: Industry
Sector C: Industry and tourism
Sector D & E: Livestock and forestry
Sector F: Agricultural and quarrying
Sector G: Industry, quarrying and livestock
Sector H: Tourism and agriculture and livestock
Sector I: Agriculture and livestock


Sector A located in the central of ZED Mariel to the North, with total area of 43.27 km². It is divided into 11 subdivisions.

A1: Reserve Zone
A2: Western Ecopark
A3: High Technology Industrial Zone
A4: Oil Activities Zone
A5: Logistics Zone
A6: Transportation Activities Zone
A7: Port Zone
A8: Food and Agriculture Processing Zone
A9: Agricultural Development Zone
A10: High Technology Zone
A11: Mangrove Area


The Cuban government has invested an average of 300 million USD per year in the development of high standard infrastructure which are already available for investors.


Roads: The Zone is interconnected internally and with the rest of the national territory through primary, secondary and tertiary roads.
Airway: near 3 airport: Baracoa, San Antonio, và Jose Marti Int
Railway: The new double track railway, which began operations in July 2014 for the transportation of cargo and passengers, links with the rest of the national railway network.
Containers Terminal: Mariel Containers Terminal is the most modern in the region, located in a deep water port and designed to operate Neo Panamax vessels. Its current annual capacity is 822 thousand TEUs.


Trade Center: Office space to rent available, commercial offices, restaurant, cafeteria...
Warehouses: 46,784 m² roofed warehouses - 30,000 m² open warehouses - 8,500 m³ refrigerated warehouses.
Electricity and public lightning: ZED Mariel is connected to the national grid by two circuits and has several electric substations. The current available installed power is 130 MWh and we promote the installation of solar panels on the roofs to contribute to Cuba’s goal of generating 24% of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2030. The urbanized area has public lightning.
Waste treatment: There are modern treatment plants for non-harmful liquid waste, located in various areas, in accordance with the nature of the waste generated in each area. A comprehensive system of solid waste management is currently being designed.
Aqueduct and sewerage: Water supply, sewage and rain drainage networks have been developed. Current water availability is 300 liters per second.
Infocommunications: Connection by optic fiber - Broadband Internet - Wifi - ETECSA Commercial Office.


• Employment Agencies: Cuba has a highly qualified labor force, ready to quickly assimilate new technologies. The labor forced is hired through five employment agencies, specialized in the recruitment of labour force in sector akin to the pillar industries to develop in ZED Mariel.
• Logistics: ZED Mariel has a 386.6 hectares Logistics Activities Zone (ZAL) with ample capacity for the treatment, handling and storage of dry and refrigerated cargo, where several companies operate providing a range of logistics services, including transportation, and equipment hire, repairs and maintenance.
• Customs: The General Customs of the Republic of Cuba has a presence and provides, services within ZED Mariel.
• Banking: Banco Financiero Internacional (BFI) has a branch in the Zone, providing services to users and concessionaries.
• Engineering and construction: Several companies in the Zone provide design engineering and construction services, as well as topographic and geological surveys.
• Immigration: Cuban Immigration authorities (DIE) has a representative in ZED Mariel’s One Stop Shop and processes visa applications and residence permits for foreign staff and their families.
• Transport: ZED Mariel currently provides commuting services for the staff by train and bus. The Intermodal Terminal will be opened in the first quarter of 2019.
• Catering: ZED Mariel has a restaurant and cafeteria. Catering services can be contracted for meal requierements of the staff
• Protection and safety: Several Cuban companies provide 24x7 physical and technical services, as well as installation of alarms, sensors and electromagnetic protection devices.
• Fire Brigade: In Sector A of ZED Mariel there is a fire brigade unit, with modern equipment and technology.


MARIEL CONTAINERS TERMINAL (TC Mariel) is the shortest-haul and lowest-cost transit port to the US - compared to other ports in the region.

Information: ISPS degree - Manage by PSA (Singapore)
Area: 27 ha/ Deep point 702m
4 ship cranes, 12 crane dumps, and 2 crane rails
800,000 TEUs/year – will upgrade to 3,000,000 TEUs/year
Cooporation with Mariel: Maersk Line, MSC, CMA CGM, Hamburg Sud, Hapag Lloyd, ZIM Line, COSCO, Evergreen, Crowley Marine và Nirint Shipping.
Canal which is able to support Panamax vessel (5100 TEUs with 12,1 metter in deep) is being upgraded to support new Panamax size (13500 TEUs)